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David Harrison is a serial entrepreneur who has over 20 years of SaaS experience. He has been a through 7 figure acquisitions and large scale IPOs before turning his focus back on what drives him... startups. He is a former foster youth, a twin and resides in Austin TX with his wife and 2 daughters. He believes that the dawning of the information age has arrived and will unlock billions in revenue to anyone with a dream and the right help to make it happen.   

Common mistake #1:

Fail to establish a clear picture of your perfect customer. This will lead to over spending on ads and you'll end up with a collection of customers you don't really want to work with.


The Perfect Customer Poster

The Perfect Customer Poster is a proven way to make sure you know who you WANT to work with. Reference your poster when writing copy, ads, content, making feature decisions... everything.


  • Complete our form and we'll do the rest
  • Custom 18x24 high gloss poster shipped to you
  • Video course from David on how to use it  
  • Also get an Interactive One Pager to confirm the concept

Common mistake #2:

Fail to quickly establish trust with your visitors using the right kinds of social proof


The Perfect Proof Method

You literally have seconds to establish some form of TRUST with your visitor. There is nothing better then showing all the New Press you have received. We will write and publish your article on over 100+ major news affiliates and you can pick which logos to show off on your site, social media and everywhere else.


  • We write and publish your article for you
  • Get listed on 100+ news sites
  • We'll send you all the logos and links of all your postings for instant social proof

Common mistake #3:

Fail to understand and implement a properly assembled Value Climb to lead in your buyer and ascend them though your value climb for maximum value to them and maximum revenue for you.  


The Perfect Value Climb Poster

Understanding the different ways to package your product will lead to more sales as well as bigger sales. One time buyers won't get you where you want to be. Put each buyer through a Value Climb and keep them climbing. 


  • We ship you a high gloss planning poster
  • Get access to David's training course to learn the importance of the concept and how to plan effectively  

Common mistake #4:

Fail to collect all needed info about what your product is, who its for, offer details, UUI and compelling calls to action


The Perfect Sales Letter

A Sales Letter is your company's bible. It holds every piece of info so you don't have to think about it later. Just grab slides and pump out the document you need. sales decks, pitch decks, website, email campaigns, funnels, and everything else. 


  • Fill out our form and let our ai. and startup pros write your Sales Letter for you
  • Get access to David's training course to learn the concept and how to use your Sales Letter for massive growth

Common mistake #5:

Start paying for ads before planning and simulating desired results to confirm viable economics. WARNING: Do NOT Setup Another Landing Page, Shopping Cart, Email Sequence, Webinar,
Chatbot, Or Drive Any Traffic Without Simulating Your Potential Results FIRST.


The Perfect Marketing Simulation Software

How do pros turn on ads and just watch the cash flow? They plan and simulate how their ads, funnels, emails are laid out. We will provide you access to our Marketing Simulation Software and provide you a killer template to get you started. 


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  • See if there is ROI instantly  
  • Create Beautiful Funnel Maps

  • Use Hypothetical Or Actual Data

  • Blueprint Library Of Pre-Made Funnels


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  Lesson 1: The Perfect Customer | How and why you must know your perfect customer

  •  Lesson 2: The Perfect Proof Method | How and why trust is absolutely critical for success
  •  Lesson 3: The Perfect Sales Letter | You MUST know the who, why, what and how of what you are offering
  •  Lesson 4The Perfect Value Climb | You must design a value climb today
  •  Lesson 5:  The Perfect Marketing Flow | Design and simulate your flow before spending cash on ads